Standing Bear RV Park

Policies, Rules, & Regulations

Check-in & Check-Out:

Check in time is at 2:00 P.M. There is an early check-in fee processed of $10.00 for anyone who desires to check-in before the above designated check-in time if the site is ready and available before the check-in time. 

Check out time is BY 11:00 A.M. No late check-out is offered. There will be an additional nightly rate charge for any check-out after 11 A.M. for a full night but the same site may not be booked for another stay. A different site may be booked if available, at the nightly rate, and at the discretion of Standing Bear RV Park managers. Registered guests are responsible for the cleanliness of the RV site upon check-out. Any excessive garbage, debris, or damage to the site will be charged to the registered guest. Please see the Fees policy for details.


Registration, Hours of Use, & Restricted Vehicles:

Standing Bear RV Park office hours are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday – Sunday. All facilities are closed after 9:00 pm and will not be available for use until business hours the following day. These hours are subject to change at any time by management of Standing Bear RV Park. This includes the restrooms, showers, playground, pavilion, laundry, etc.

During business hours, all guests MUST check-in at the registration office BEFORE pulling into a site. Be prepared to show ID, and a valid credit card to put on file in the case when additional fees might occur. If pulling in after business hours, all customers MUST book a site on our website or fill out a registration form and deposit it in the Night Drop at the registration office BEFORE pulling into a site, then check-in at the registration office the following morning by 8:30am. Vehicles make, model, and plate number will also be required for security purposes.

Standing Bear RV Park only allows Recreational Vehicles that meet Utah State requirements. All vehicles must be legally registered, and must be legally safe and up to code with Utah State standards. All registered guests are expected to comply with all federal, state, and local standards or risk ejection from the park, without refund or transfer. All allowable RV requirements for an RV park in Utah can be found on, section R392-301-4, rule 8. Standing Bear RV Park does not allow the use of “dependent” camping units such as tents, trailers, vehicles, etc., for overnight sleeping that do not have their own functioning bathroom, dish sink, and wastewater containment facilities.


Quiet Hours:

Quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am. NO loud noise is permitted during these hours. Please be respectful of other guests. No congregating outside of trailers after 10pm out of respect for other guests and neighbors. Violation of the Quiet Hours may result in additional fees, fines, law enforcement involvement, and/or expulsion from the property. The fee for violation of the Quiet Hours policy is $50 per hour, per site. This may include multiple sites if registered guest purchased multiple sites during booking.


Site Restrictions:

Standing Bear RV Park is private property, and no unauthorized vehicles or persons are allowed! Trespassers will be prosecuted and may face up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1000. 

At Standing Bear RV Park, we take our security very seriously. We reserve the right to refuse service and/or access to anyone, for any reason.  A person may not use our premises, facilities, and/or amenities for any reason if they are not a registered guest or registered visitor of a registered guest and may be reported to local authorities for trespassing.         

Each site is designated for 1 RV and 1 Vehicle per site, any additional vehicles must be parked in the designated overflow parking area, or the registered guest may reserve an additional RV site for vehicle parking if it is available, and at the discretion of Standing Bear RV Park management. DO NOT attempt to use additional sites or you will be charged the nightly rate for those sites. ALL vehicles belonging to the registered guest or visitors of registered guest must be disclosed at time of check-in. If additional vehicles are seen in a site or on the premises that have not been listed on the guest registration, those vehicles will be notified to the local authorities as trespassers.

There is a MAXIMUM number of 7 persons per site, per stay. Any number of persons beyond that will require an additional site, NO EXCEPTIONS. Persons are counted by head count, not by age. 

Any visitors of registered guests may be asked to leave the premises if the site is at capacity. ALL visitors of registered guests MUST check-in at the registration office and receive a visitor day pass and give the make, model, and plate number of their vehicle. There is a $2.00 charge per person. Visitor pass is valid for day of purchase only. NO OVERNIGHT VISITORS. Day of purchase is considered as our hours of operation 8am to 8pm. Visitors must park in a designated overflow parking, DO NOT PARK AT THE RV SITE, on the roads, or in/near any other site or the registered guest will be charged the nightly rate for the use of those sites. If a vehicle or person is seen on the premises that has not been registered in the office or present after business hours, they will be reported to local authorities as a trespasser.

Personal items of a registered guest, their visitors, or their pets MUST be contained within the registered guest’s RV site. Do not leave personal items unattended. Do not attempt to spread personal items out into other sites, roads, or areas or you will be charged for additional sites and park use. Standing Bear RV Park or its managers are not responsible for any damaged or missing items when left unattended. An RV may not be made semi-permanent or permanent in any way. DO NOT attempt to put any semi-permanent or permanent skirting, fixtures, furniture, fences, pet kennels, blocks, etc. around an RV or risk additional fees, possible law enforcement involvement, fines, and ejection from the park.

At NO TIME is a registered guest, their visitors, or their pets allowed to enter the site of another guest unless they are specifically invited by the registered guest of that site. Stay on the road and away from other sites or risk ejection from the park, possible law enforcement involvement, fines, and fees.

Standing Bear RV Park Visitor Policy during COVID-19

NO personal visitors are allowed on the premises of Standing Bear RV Park at any time during the State of Utah COVID-19 regulation, and all facilities, property, and equipment of Standing Bear RV Park are for registered guests of Standing Bear RV Park ONLY. Any visitors will be prosecuted for trespassing. Registered guest understands that this policy is in effect until further notice. Registered guest agrees to follow this policy at the risk of being ejected from Standing Bear RV Park without refund, transfer, and that their vehicle and/or RV will be towed at their expense in the event that it is not removed from Standing Bear RV Park immediately upon guest ejection. Registered guest also agrees to pay for any and ALL costs due to hardship caused by bringing infected/exposed visitors onto the property of Standing Bear RV Park, which may include but are not limited to medical expenses, violation of policy fees, legal fees, and loss of business costs.


ATVs, OHVs, Motorcycles, and any other motorized or battery powered vehicles:

NO CONSTANT RIDING AROUND THE RV PARK IS PERMITTED. Only to leave or come back from a trail ride. No sirens, horns, or other noise features can be used while in the RV park. Rules of quiet hours are expected to be followed. Please use common sense and be respectful of other guests. Violation of this policy will result in a charge of $100 per site, per offense, and may risk ejection from the park.



Small household pets are allowed in the RV site area of registered guest only and must always be kept on a leash when outdoors. No pens, cages, enclosures, etc. can be left outside when guests are gone, they may not be dug into the ground, or made semi-permanent in any way. Registered guests are expected to clean up after their pets and are responsible for any loss or damages to RV sites or other guest’s personal property caused by your pets. If you bring a pet, please be responsible and do not ruin other guest experiences. No large animals are permitted. We do not offer pet boarding services. Any violation of the Pet policy will result in a $75 fee per site, which may include multiple sites if registered guest purchased multiple sites during booking or if registered guest’s pet left debris or damage in other sites, and may also result in expulsion from the park.

Fires, Grills, Etc.:

Registered guests are required to obey all federal, state, and local regulated fire laws and are fully responsible for any damages caused by using a fire. Portable, above-ground grills and firepits will be allowed on condition that they do not interfere with the experience of other guests, they may not be dug into the ground in any way, and NO debris may be left behind, at risk of additional charges after check-out. Grills & Firepits must be supplied by registered guest, we do not supply these items. Fee for violation of the Fires, Grills, Etc. policy is $75 per site booked by the registered guest.



All card transactions will include a 3.7% processing fee. Standing Bear RV Park will charge fees for the following violations of their policies and/or extra options: Early check-in: $10 per site, late check-out: Full nightly rate per site, any garbage and/or debris: $75 per site, any damage to any RV site: $300 per site, visitor pass: $2 per person, violation of motorized/battery powered vehicle policy: $100 per site, clean-up of pet debris and/or damage: $75 per site, damage and/or debris from fires, grills, etc.: $75 per site.  All fees will be charged upon registered guest check-out or upon guest ejection from the park, to the card on file that was provided by the registered guest during check-in, and registered guest may be charged for multiple sites if registered guest purchased multiple sites during booking or damages were done to multiple sites by registered guest or their visitors or pets.


Standing Bear RV Park Cancellation Policy

No refunds or transfers.  We understand that “life events” happen to us all, but we are counting on you and appreciate your business.


Standing Bear RV Park Guest Responsibility Agreement & Release of Liability


I agree that I am age 18 or older and that I am legally and fully responsible for the actions of myself or other visitors and pets that I bring, or allow with me, onto the property of Standing Bear RV Park.  I agree that I have read and understand all the Policies and Regulations of Standing Bear RV Park. I understand that all Federal, State, and Local laws must be followed, along with the rules and regulations of Standing Bear RV Park, and that if any of those laws and/or rules are broken I will be ejected from Standing Bear RV Park immediately, without refund or transfer, and that my RV and vehicle will be towed at my expense in the event that it is not removed immediately upon ejection.  In the event of ejection, damage, or hardship caused to Standing Bear RV Park or it's managers by myself, my visitors, my pets, or any of my equipment, I agree that I am responsible for ALL costs, including but not limited to all legal fees, additional park use fees, violation of policy fees, medical expenses, loss of ANY damaged property (including property of other registered guests or neighboring residents), Towing, etc. I understand that the use of this property is for private use only, non-permanent, non-residential, temporary, and this property is the private property of Standing Bear RV Park and cannot be used for my personal or commercial use in any way, and only for intention of temporary recreation.


**These rules, regulations, and policies were created by and are the sole property of Standing Bear RV Park. This is a legal and binding contract between Standing Bear RV Park and the registered guest. It is not necessary for registered guest to sign this contract; the registered guest agrees that this contract became binding between Standing Bear RV Park and the registered guest upon registered guest booking and processing of payment.

Effective upon the first day of State licensing, 7/1/2019.

Latest updates to language and additional items added 07/22/2020, 10/08/2020

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