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We offer 30 amp or 50 amp rv sites

We are a seasonal, recreational park only. All of our RV sites have water, power, and sewer hookups. All sites offer 30 Amp power and we have a limited number of 50Amp sites. All sites are designed the same and are approximately 60 feet long by 15 feet wide for RV and vehicle parking, with a space in between each site that is approximately 7 feet wide to place your outdoor rug to help keep the dust down and make a nice little picnic area. Each site also has a concrete pad surrounding the sewer ports for easy and clean access. We have planted some very young little trees at sites but they are not big enough to offer shade or block use of canopies.

Please note that we do not allow tent camping or any camping from vehicles that are "homemade" or do not have their own FUNCTIONING restroom, sink, and waste containment facilities. We are not a dependent camping RV Park and all RVs must be 100% self-contained.

-Please see our rules and regulations for more details-

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